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ShotsShots rang out again in Fergusen. The last time it was in response to a violent youth threatening a policemen. The investigation has been exhaustive and conclusive. Michael Brown resisted arrest and rushed a policeman in a menacing way. It was senseless in that it even came to a point that it happened. But there is no cause for bringing charges against the cop who was doing his job.

Those shots were aimed indiscriminately at police officers simply because they were police officers… as were the shots in Brooklyn that took the lives of two innocent minority police officers. Here are some of the tweets that followed…

“Chief Jackson steps down and two pigs get shot? Best day Ferguson has had in years” (by a guy who calls himself The Reverend)

“im glad 2 pigs wounded in Ferguson lol”

“serves those two pigs right, i hope organized public militancy continues”

” hopefully they’ll be off the street for a long time. two less pigs out harassing & kidnapping people.”

The list goes on, many too crude to publish here. Why is this happening? Who has fanned this flame? Times such as these require leadership. White and black leaders at every level of civic life should work together to bring an end to violence. Pastors should be exercising every bit of influence they have to encourage peace. Why is this not happening? Rather, a man who calls himself a reverend raises the temperature with charges that proved to be false. And our president has not stood up to those who would incite violence and honor those who promote peace. He has actually fueled continuing interracial mistrust. 

I am not surprised at secular society and postmodern power politics that pit one balkanized group against another. But where are the churches? Are they silent? No! I know where some of them are. I know African American pastors who are working courageously in their communities to see positive improvements – from education to community development. They are not standing among those who would culturally divide us. Rather, they engage in honest efforts towards reconciliation.

So why is the media ignoring the level-headed black ministers who are engaged in redemptive efforts but rather are focused on the rabble rousers? If news is entertainment, then the question is rhetorical. If news is for informing people regarding what is happening on the ground – the real story – they have a long, long way to go. So do we all.

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